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The Genesis Foundation is the result of decades, of pent-up searching for an organized effort that would keep the Truth of God’s Creation and the Authority of God’s Word – before us on a consistent basis. In the past we have had a few churches here and there, offering a Biblical Worldview or Creation Seminar on a one-time basis. But not a continued presence in the battle for the hearts and minds of our children and ourselves. The powerful trio of Education, Media and Government wage a day-in day-out battle against the Christian worldview. We need to boldly and unashamedly be able to respond (1 Peter 3:15)

In October 2012, “Creation Quest” came to Green Bay, and brought together a number of people who believed that the time was right for a coordinated effort. The event brought together:

Mike LeMay – station manager of WORQ FM radio, and co-host of “Stand Up For The Truth Wisconsin” radio talk show. Mike noticed Jim Kraft wearing a Creation Museum shirt and said that the Q would like to sponsor bus trips to the Museum. Jim replied that his church has a coach bus and has done 4 or 5 trips to the museum for the Christian Community. This is the type of interaction that went on throughout the Creation Quest event.

Jim and Helen Panetti – who were the driving force behind the Creation Quest event

Jim Kestner – a soon-to-retire  stuctural engineer and active member of the Gideons – shared his heart for developing an apologetics ministry

Jim Kraft – a retired public HS science teacher, who has spoken on C/E topics and coordinated Creation seminars and Creation Museum bus trips

Barney Browne – a retired IBM representative and now an elder at the “Barn” in Suamico, where he teaches a weekly Biblical Worldview course.

Arnie Baganz – has been active in Creation ministries in Milwaukee, Fond du Lac and now Green Bay – all at the same time. To say that Arnie works full time in the Apologetics/ Creation Science ministry would be an understatement! Arnie brings a wealth of wisdom and experience and passion to the effort.

The Genesis Foundation is just getting off the ground. We are a skeletal, but dedicated, crew who are anxious to welcome anyone who has a heart for the lost and who sees this as a spiritual, as well as an intellectual battle. 

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