Friday, December 5, 2014 Brian Mariani

Brian Mariani

Friday, December 5, 2014

5 Common Deceptions in Our Culture regarding God, the Bible, Science, and Creation.
Brian Mariani, Alpha Omega Institute

Bethel Baptist Church
1601 Libal St.
Green Bay, WI

Deception #1: The Bible is not completely reliable.
Deception #2: Evolution is proven science and Creation is religious belief.
Deception #3: Science has proven evolution and an old earth.
Deception #4: The Definition of Science cannot allow for God.
Deception #5: Evolution and the Bible are compatible.

This presentation will create audience interaction as we cover questions like:
· Why is Creation important?
· Do we really believe God and the Bible?
· What can you do about spreading Creation?
· How Big is Your God?
Within this presentation, Brian will share his personal testimony and passion for Creation Training. He will explain why he is in the Creation Evangelism Ministry and will present Alpha Omega Institute’s vision for their new training program, the Discover Creation Training Institute (DCTI).

Brian and Aimee Mariani were both raised with a solid foundation and a deep passion for God’s word, science, and God’s Creation. In public schools and secular universities, Brian saw the deception of evolution all around him. He later taught the credibility of creation and the pervasiveness of evolution from a Biblical perspective as a science teacher at a Christian high school. Aimee has spent many years teaching campers about God’s creation at a Christian living history camp. They met at a Bible College that strengthened their creation worldview and Brian also had the opportunity to research and write the Biblical perspective of ancient cultures that can be read in The Genius of Ancient Man. Brian and Aimee joined AOI in 2013 because they have a passion to teach others about God through history, science, and His creation.