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Construction Update on the Ark

As someone who has supported the Ark Encounter, you will definitely be blessed by watching a just-produced video by Ken Ham (see the link below). This week Ken recorded a special behind-the-scenes video at the Ark design studios and the Ark construction site itself. This short 9 minute video features Ken interviewing Gary Cole, the Ark construction site manager, and Patrick Marsh, AiG’s VP of Attractions who is heading up the Ark exhibit design/construction.
You can watch the exciting video at this link:
Thank you for being a part of this wonderful outreach!
Sincerely in Christ,
Joe Boone
VP of Advancement

Ark Encounter Ground Breaking!

The Ark Encounter groundbreaking ceremony will be held on Thursday May 1, 2014.This is a private invitation-only event limited to a few hundred people at the Williamstown KY Ark site, but it will be live streamed at

A bond sale that raised $73 Million was in addition to the $15 Million in donations. You can still “own” a piece of the Ark by going to the website. An 800 acre site on Interstate 75, south of Cincinnati, will feature the Ark along with a number of other venues.

Register for the Barker vs Bergman Debate

A DEBATE: Does God Exist?
Friday, March 14th, 2014, 7:00 – 9:00 PM
Southwest High School Auditorium
1331 Packerland Drive
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Online Registration and Ticket Sales are now closed, tickets will be available at the door. If you bought tickets online bring a copy of your paypal receipt and registration. If you haven’t bought tickets yet they will be available for purchase at the door.

Please note that due to an error with our payment processing not all registrations were appropriately passed to paypal. If you were impacted by this error we did receive your registration information, but have not processed any payment yet for tickets. Please plan to pay at the door. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and confusion this may have caused.

For more information on the event: