Evolutionism and Creationism

“Evolutionism and Creationism”
Dr. Ying Liu
Professor at Marantha College in Watertown, Wisconsin
Dec. 16th, 2013 at Bethel Baptist Church in Green Bay, WI

Presentation Highlights:
1) Dr. Liu was raised in communist China as a Buddhist. All households in China had a picture of Chairman Mau who they believed to be their savior and therefore would live forever. When Chairman Mau died it was a shock to Dr. Liu as a boy and to all those who believed that Mau was their savior. How could he save them if he couldn’t save himself. This event was the beginning of Dr. Liu’s search for the truth about life. Dr. Liu came to the US for an education and he was subsequently invited to a friend’s house to observe a Bible Study which eventually led him to the Lord, Jesus Christ as his personal savior.

2) Evolution presupposes that the present is the primary clue to the past, whereas Creationism proposes that all objects were created by God with a design and a purpose.

3) “Science” is rooted in Christianity from European countries. Historically there were no scientific discoveries, developments or studies of a scientific nature in non-Christian countries such as China or any of the Islamic countries. All early scientists were Christians. Newton, Ampere, Faraday, all of these early scientists glorified God.

4) Why does the world promote Evolution rather than Creation?
a) People are indoctrinated in it from television shows, science textbooks, newsprint, etc.
b) The scientific community feels the need to maintain their prestige
c) The world wants to promote nature or naturalism
d) The world wants to reject God.

5) There are 3 types of Creation Science, but none are pure Baconian science.
Type 1 – Literal acceptance of Genesis 1-11
Type 2 – Intelligent Design. Gives credit to a designer but doesn’t give credit to God.
Type 3 – Applied Sciences. Contaminated with theories of Evolution.

6) Predestination – God chose us, we did not choose Him. This knowledge is intended to give us hope and comfort. “He who has nothing to die for has nothing to live for.”