How Old is the Earth? and The Universe – Big God or Big Bang

Featuring: Paul Taylor of Creation Today

Paul Taylor - Creation Today
Paul Taylor – Creation Today

Paul Taylor’s  background in science, knowledge of God’s Word, and British accent and humor, makes him a sought after apologetics speaker. He speaks on creation science as well as biblical history in equipping and empowering
Christians to know what they believe. He’s also a skilled debater who enjoys a lively discussion with skeptics, agnostics and atheists. A UK native, and former senior speaker and manager of Answers in Genesis – UK, Paul has also worked as the Director of Ministry Development at Creation Today. He has
spoken and written on creation for more than 30 years. Paul has also engaged in brief debates with well known atheists Richard Dawkins and Steve Jones.

NEW Lutheran High School
1311 S. Robinson Avenue
Green Bay, WI

 How Old is the Earth

Evidence the Earth is only 6,000 years old.

The Universe – Big God or Big Bang

Is there meaning to the Universe?

This talk analyses the Big Bang cosmology and shows how it is incompatible with the Bible. Creationist cosmologies are then shown to fit the evidence better.

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