Paul Taylor of Creation Today : Sept. 6

Featuring: Paul Taylor of Creation Today

Paul Taylor - Creation Today
Paul Taylor – Creation Today

Paul Taylor’s  background in science, knowledge of God’s Word, and British accent and humor, makes him a sought after apologetics speaker. He speaks on creation science as well as biblical history in equipping and empowering
Christians to know what they believe. He’s also a skilled debater who enjoys a lively discussion with skeptics, agnostics and atheists. A UK native, and former senior speaker and manager of Answers in Genesis – UK, Paul has also worked as the Director of Ministry Development at Creation Today. He has
spoken and written on creation for more than 30 years. Paul has also engaged in brief debates with well known atheists Richard Dawkins and Steve Jones.

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 10am – The Language of Evolution

This talk focuses on the use of language, as evolutionists attempt to teach their theory. The use of key words, such as ‘probably’ and ‘may be’ is examined. Also the use of rhetorical questions and the imaginative use of narrative
are investigated. All of this dissembling is compared to the simple truth of scripture.

 11am – Don’t Miss the Boat
2 Peter 3:5,6 make clear that the original world was destroyed by water in the Flood. If that is so, such a global event must have left its mark on the world. This talk illustrates the necessity of believing in the global Flood. It looks at what the NT says about the Flood, and how the scientific evidence is all around, in the fossil record and elsewhere, if it is correctly interpreted.

 1pm – Counting Stars
This talk is suitable for children. It focuses on the stars and the planets and how and why they were made. The talk looks at lots of scripture verses about stars, and shows their practical use. Four key points to remember are
emphasized in the talk.

 2pm – Dinosaurs and the Bible
This talk is similar to the talk ‘Dragons and Dinosaurs’ but is aimed at a more general age group. It looks at the history of the discovery of dinosaurs, and their fossilization. It views all this data through a biblical worldview.

 Free Admission | Open to the Public